Brand Awareness Campaign

Winebow Group

Winebow aimed to amplify awareness for its diverse portfolio of brands by implementing broad-reaching programmatic and paid media campaigns, tailored to engage audiences across various markets and platforms.


To enhance visibility and recognition of Winebow's brands through carefully crafted and targeted digital campaigns, utilizing data-driven insights and creative strategies to maximize reach and impact.


Programmatic Marketing

Performance Marketing

Social Media Management

Strategy Execution:

Programmatic Advertising: Deployed a series of programmatic ad campaigns, leveraging advanced targeting techniques to reach desired audiences with precision, ensuring high relevance and engagement.

Paid Social Media Campaigns: Initiated comprehensive paid social media campaigns across key platforms, employing compelling creative content and messaging tailored to resonate with each platform's user base.

Data-Driven Targeting: Utilized data analytics to refine targeting strategies, focusing on demographics, interests, and behaviors that align with Winebow's diverse brand identities and customer profiles.

Creative Messaging: Crafted unique and engaging ad content for each brand within the Winebow portfolio, ensuring messaging was aligned with brand values while captivating the target audience's attention.

Campaign Optimization: Continuously monitored campaign performance, applying real-time optimizations to improve reach, engagement, and overall effectiveness based on emerging data insights.


Winebow's strategic brand awareness campaigns led to notable successes in expanding the visibility of its brand portfolio:

Extensive Digital Reach: Achieved a significant 4.4 million impressions through programmatic advertising efforts, effectively increasing brand exposure in targeted digital environments.

Social Media Impact: Garnered an impressive 9 million impressions from paid social media campaigns, enhancing brand engagement and awareness across popular social platforms.

Enhanced Brand Recognition: The targeted and creative approach of the campaigns significantly boosted awareness for Winebow's brands, leading to increased recognition and interest among wine enthusiasts and consumers.

Data-Driven Success: The utilization of data analytics and continuous campaign optimization ensured that marketing efforts were maximally effective, leading to a higher ROI and stronger brand presence in the market.

Through the adept use of programmatic advertising, targeted social media campaigns, and data-driven optimization, Winebow's brand awareness initiative successfully elevated the profile of its diverse portfolio, demonstrating the power of strategic digital marketing in the competitive wine and spirits industry.