Brand Creation and Launch

Smarty Plants Cannabis

Smarty Plants, an emerging cannabis brand, sought to distinguish itself in the crowded market with a unique brand ethos that embraces the eccentric and the unconventional. The goal was to develop a comprehensive branding, experiential, and digital marketing strategy that would solidify Smarty Plants' position as a standout in the cannabis industry.


To create and implement a multi-faceted branding and marketing strategy for Smarty Plants that encapsulates its unique brand voice and appeals to a broad audience through creative positioning, engaging digital presence, and immersive brand experiences.


Brand Identity & Strategy

Go to Market Strategy

Brand Campaign

Social Media Management

Field & Retail Marketing

Strategy Execution:

Brand Development: Established Smarty Plants' brand foundation, crafting a distinctive positioning strategy that highlights its quirky and unconventional identity, along with developing a cohesive brand identity, website, and packaging that reflect the brand's unique character.

Experiential Marketing: Designed and executed a series of engaging experiential marketing initiatives, including imaginative retail displays and memorable brand activations that brought the Smarty Plants ethos to life in tangible, interactive ways.

Comprehensive Digital Campaign: Launched a 360-degree digital marketing campaign that spanned out-of-home (OOH) advertising, social media, and mobile platforms, ensuring a consistent and captivating brand presence across all digital touchpoints.

Merchandising and Swag: Introduced a diverse range of branded merchandise and swag, further extending the brand experience and allowing fans to embody and advocate for the Smarty Plants lifestyle in their everyday lives.


The holistic approach to building and marketing the Smarty Plants brand yielded remarkable results, significantly enhancing its market presence and consumer engagement:

Strong Brand Identity: Successfully established Smarty Plants as a cannabis brand with a distinct voice and personality, resonating with consumers drawn to its celebration of the quirky and unconventional.

Enhanced Consumer Experiences: The experiential marketing efforts created immersive, memorable encounters with the brand, deepening consumer connection and fostering brand loyalty.

Digital Engagement: The comprehensive digital campaign effectively amplified Smarty Plants' visibility and engagement, leveraging creative content and targeted strategies to captivate a wide audience.

Merchandise Adoption: The variety of branded swag and merchandise not only extended the brand experience but also cultivated a community of brand advocates, further spreading Smarty Plants' unique brand ethos.

Through strategic branding, innovative experiential initiatives, and dynamic digital marketing efforts, Smarty Plants successfully carved out a niche in the cannabis market, establishing itself as a brand that celebrates the extraordinary and engages consumers on multiple levels.