Experiential Activation

Hennessy x Canelo Fight Night

Hennessy sought to highlight its sponsorship of renowned boxer Canelo Álverez with a dynamic experiential activation at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, aiming to create a memorable brand experience for fight night attendees.


To design and execute a captivating 4,000-square foot brand activation space that would embody the spirit of Hennessy's partnership with Canelo Álverez, engaging fans and guests with an immersive brand experience during the fight night event.


Experiential Design and Build

Strategy Execution:

Creative Conceptualization: Developed initial concepts, graphics, and drawings that would capture the essence of Hennessy's brand and its association with Canelo Álverez, ensuring a thematic alignment with the energy and excitement of the fight night.

Design and Build: Translated the creative concepts into a comprehensive final design, overseeing the construction and detailing of the activation space to ensure every element reflected Hennessy's premium image and the athleticism of Canelo Álverez.

Immersive Brand Environment: Created an engaging 4,000-square foot activation area within the T-Mobile Arena, incorporating interactive elements, branded installations, and thematic decor that resonated with Hennessy's and Canelo's shared values of legacy, strength, and dedication.

Seamless Installation: Managed the logistics and installation process meticulously, ensuring the activation space was flawlessly set up to welcome guests and provide an unparalleled brand experience during the fight night.


The Hennessy x Canelo Fight Night experiential activation achieved significant success, marked by several key outcomes:

Elevated Brand Presence: The activation effectively showcased Hennessy's sponsorship of Canelo Álverez, enhancing brand visibility and association with high-profile sporting events.

Engaged Fight Night Attendees: The immersive brand environment captivated guests, offering an interactive and memorable experience that enriched their fight night visit and deepened their connection with the Hennessy brand.

Positive Brand Association: The strategic alignment of Hennessy's brand values with the athleticism and prestige of Canelo Álverez fostered positive associations among attendees, reinforcing Hennessy's positioning as a brand that celebrates success and determination.

Successful Event Execution: The seamless design, build, and installation of the activation space ensured a flawless execution, contributing to the overall success of the event and leaving a lasting impression on fight night attendees.

Through innovative design and strategic execution, the Hennessy x Canelo Fight Night experiential activation not only highlighted Hennessy's sponsorship but also provided an engaging brand experience, enhancing consumer engagement and brand loyalty during a pivotal sporting event.