Influencer Program


Shipyard Brewing Company aimed to position its Pumpkinhead Ale as the quintessential beer of the autumn season, leveraging a targeted influencer campaign to amplify brand awareness and boost sales in the run-up to Halloween.


Influencer Sourcing

Social Marketing


To deploy a strategic influencer marketing campaign focused on micro-influencers within specific geographic locations, fostering genuine brand engagement and elevating Pumpkinhead Ale's status as the fall season's must-have beer.

Strategy Execution:

Micro-Influencer Collaboration: Identified and partnered with micro-influencers who had follower counts ranging from 5K to 75K, ensuring a strong alignment with the brand's target demographic and regional focus.

Authentic Engagement: Encouraged influencers to create original, authentic content that showcased their genuine experiences and enjoyment of Pumpkinhead Ale, resonating with their followers and sparking organic conversations around the brand.

Geographic Targeting: Concentrated influencer partnerships in key markets where Shipyard Brewing Company sought to strengthen its presence, maximizing the relevance and impact of the campaign messages.

Seasonal Timing: Timed the campaign to capitalize on the festive fall season and the lead-up to Halloween, aligning Pumpkinhead Ale with autumn celebrations and traditions.

Performance Tracking: Monitored the campaign's reach and engagement closely, using these metrics to gauge success and make real-time adjustments to the strategy as needed.


Shipyard Brewing Company's influencer campaign for Pumpkinhead Ale achieved notable success, significantly enhancing the brand's engagement and visibility during a critical sales period:

Extensive Campaign Reach: Achieved a total campaign reach of 164,940, effectively spreading the word about Pumpkinhead Ale across the targeted geographic locations.

High Engagement Levels: Garnered a total of 16,017 engagements across the influencer-generated content, indicating strong audience interest and interaction with the brand messaging.

Elevated Brand Awareness: The authentic content produced by micro-influencers helped to increase brand awareness in the targeted markets, associating Pumpkinhead Ale with the festive fall season.

Boosted Seasonal Sales: The strategic timing and authentic influencer endorsements contributed to a surge in Pumpkinhead Ale sales, reinforcing its position as the official beer of fall and Halloween festivities.

Through a carefully curated micro-influencer strategy, Shipyard Brewing Company successfully positioned Pumpkinhead Ale at the forefront of consumers' minds during the autumn season, leveraging genuine content and strategic geographic targeting to drive brand engagement and seasonal sales.