Brand Refresh


Phigora, known for selling pre-owned luxury watches and having acquired the industry leader in watch servicing, Watch Central, sought to unify the two entities under one brand name and refresh their brand identity to better reflect their growth and market position.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Website Design


To assist Phigora in consolidating their business under a singular brand identity, revitalizing their visual and strategic brand elements to enhance market presence and customer perception.

Strategy Execution:

Brand Consolidation: Worked closely with Phigora to seamlessly merge Phigora and Watch Central, ensuring a unified brand presence that leveraged the strengths and reputations of both entities.

Typographical Overhaul: Implemented a comprehensive redesign of Phigora's typographic identity, aiming to modernize the brand's appearance while maintaining its connection to luxury and precision.

Visual Identity Refresh: Developed a new key visual that encapsulated Phigora's essence, aligning with the premium nature of the luxury watch market and the company's expertise in high-end watch servicing.

Strategic Brand Repositioning: Formulated a new brand strategy that highlighted Phigora's unique value propositions, including their heritage in pre-owned luxury watches and their technical prowess stemming from Watch Central's expertise.

Market Reintroduction: Guided Phigora in the rollout of their refreshed brand identity, ensuring consistent application across all customer touchpoints and communication channels.


The rebranding initiative for Phigora led to significant improvements in brand cohesion and market impact:

Unified Brand Identity: Successfully merged Phigora and Watch Central under a single brand umbrella, enhancing brand clarity and strength in the marketplace.

Enhanced Visual Appeal: The typographical and visual refresh provided Phigora with a modernized, sophisticated brand image that appealed to both existing customers and new prospects.

Strategic Positioning: The redefined brand strategy effectively communicated Phigora's dual expertise in offering premium pre-owned watches and unparalleled watch servicing, setting them apart in the competitive luxury watch sector.

Positive Market Reception: The brand refresh was met with positive feedback from the market, reinforcing Phigora's reputation as a trusted name in luxury watches and watch servicing, and contributing to increased customer engagement and business growth.

Through a strategic overhaul of their brand identity and a thoughtful consolidation strategy, Phigora successfully reinforced its market presence, establishing a stronger, more unified brand that resonates with the luxury and precision of the high-end watch industry.