Duty Free Pop-Up

Proximo - World of Tequila

Proximo Spirits identified an opportunity to increase the visibility of their tequila portfolio within the bustling environments of NYC and Miami international airports, targeting the diverse and global audience of travelers.


Design / Build within DFS Properties


To create a captivating "World of Tequila" pop-up experience in Duty-Free zones, designed to engage passengers with Proximo's premium tequila offerings, encouraging exploration, sampling, and direct purchases.

Strategy Execution:

Immersive Pop-Up Design: Crafted a visually engaging and immersive pop-up environment that invited travelers into the vibrant world of Proximo's tequila, reflecting the brand's heritage and the spirit's rich flavors.

Strategic Airport Placement: Selected high-traffic areas within NYC and Miami airports for the pop-up installations, maximizing exposure to an international clientele and enhancing brand reach.

Product Showcase and Sampling: Integrated a comprehensive tasting experience within the pop-up, allowing travelers to sample a variety of Proximo's tequilas, thereby fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the brand's offerings.

Seamless Retail Integration: Collaborated with Duty-Free retailers to facilitate on-site purchases, enabling travelers to easily buy their favorite tequilas from the pop-up, enhancing the customer journey with convenience and exclusivity.


"World of Tequila" Duty-Free Pop-Up Experience by Proximo Spirits achieved significant impact, marked by:

Enhanced Brand Visibility: The strategic positioning and engaging design of the pop-up significantly elevated Proximo's presence in international travel hubs, attracting the attention of a wide-ranging audience.

Increased Consumer Engagement: The interactive and educational nature of the pop-up drew in travelers, offering them a memorable brand experience that went beyond mere tasting to include the story and craftsmanship behind each tequila.

Direct Sales Boost: The integration of sampling and retail opportunities within the pop-up effectively converted interest into purchases, with many travelers taking home a piece of the Proximo tequila experience.

Global Brand Exposure: The initiative not only catered to domestic travelers but also tapped into the international market, broadening Proximo's global consumer base and fostering international brand recognition

By bringing the "World of Tequila" to life within the dynamic settings of NYC and Miami airports, Proximo Spirits successfully showcased their tequila portfolio to a global audience, leveraging the unique environment of Duty-Free zones to create a compelling and sales-driven brand experience.