Influencer Program & Content


The Wine Group sought to elevate Franzia's visibility and engagement on key social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, aiming to connect more authentically with their audience and expand their digital community.


Influencer Marketing

Content Production

Social Media Management


To implement a comprehensive social media strategy that leveraged influencer partnerships, engaging content production, and active community management to boost Franzia's online presence and foster deeper interactions with followers.

Strategy Execution:

Content Creation: Developed a variety of relatable and brand-aligned content, including visually appealing posts, interactive stories, and video content that resonated with Franzia's diverse audience.

Influencer Collaborations: Partnered with influencers who embodied Franzia's brand values, utilizing their reach to introduce the brand to new audiences and add credibility to the brand's messaging.

Community Engagement: Employed active community management tactics to maintain a lively and responsive online presence, encouraging user interactions and fostering a sense of belonging among followers.

Campaign Initiatives: Launched targeted campaigns such as hashtag challenges to spur user-generated content, giveaways to reward engagement, and narrative-driven series that highlighted Franzia's brand story and product offerings.


Follower Growth: Achieved a net increase of 43,528 followers, bringing the total to 145,799, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in attracting and retaining a larger online community.

Impressions: Garnered approximately 90 million impressions, significantly expanding Franzia's brand reach and visibility across social media platforms.

Engagement Uplift: Witnessed a surge in social media engagement, with over 66,683 new page likes and maintaining a robust engagement rate above 2%, positioning Franzia among the top interacted wine brands on social media.

Brand Affinity: The well-orchestrated campaigns and consistent engagement efforts not only increased brand visibility but also enhanced Franzia's brand affinity, establishing a more personal and meaningful connection with the audience

Through a mix of influencer partnerships, engaging content, and active community management, Franzia successfully amplified its social media footprint, achieving remarkable growth in follower engagement and brand visibility.