Distribution & Sales Enhancements

Campari, Spirited Hive & Mezcal Union

We aimed to bolster the distribution, sales, and merchandising strategies for three distinct brands: Campari (in collaboration with ADM), Spirited Hive, and Mezcal Union, each facing unique challenges in market penetration and brand visibility.


To develop and implement tailored programs for each brand that would streamline distribution processes, enhance sales efforts, and optimize merchandising tactics to maximize brand reach and effectiveness in the market.



Field Research and Reporting

Strategy Execution:

Campari / ADM Merchandising Program:

  • Collaborated with Campari and POS producer ADM to craft a customized merchandising strategy, ensuring POS materials were efficiently utilized and not wasted

  • Established a streamlined logistics process, covering warehousing, transportation, and delivery, to expedite the deployment of POS materials.

  • Significantly reduced waste and increased POS effectiveness, with over 25,000 POS touchpoints activated annually, leading to 5,000+ account visits, 3,000+ floor displays, and 1,000+ improved product positions.

Spirited Hive Market Manager Program:

  • Recruited and trained Market Managers in Nashville and New York to drive Spirited Hive's brand growth and market presence.

  • Focused on managing relationships, in-store merchandising, conducting tastings, and training for active accounts, as well as opening new accounts and local event activations.

  • Achieved the establishment of 25+ new accounts and conducted 2 significant event activations, along with 10+ ride-alongs with local distributors to ensure brand alignment and market penetration.

Mezcal Union Branding and Market Strategy:

  • Developed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for Mezcal Union, emphasizing sustainability and community support, to differentiate the brand in the competitive spirits industry.

  • Implemented a multi-faceted visibility program across 8 markets, incorporating 3D window displays, innovative retail tools, an e-commerce platform, and a national tasting program to educate consumers about Mezcal Union's unique value proposition.

  • Enhanced U.S. brand exposure and consumer education, establishing Mezcal Union as a leader in sustainability within the spirits industry.


The strategic initiatives for Campari/ADM, Spirited Hive, and Mezcal Union resulted in significant advancements in distribution, sales, and merchandising:

Campari/ADM: Achieved a dramatic increase in the efficiency and impact of POS materials, leading to heightened brand visibility and sales in retail environments.

Spirited Hive: Successfully expanded the brand's footprint in key markets, with Market Managers playing a crucial role in driving brand awareness, engagement, and sales performance.

Mezcal Union: Elevated the brand's presence in the U.S. market, effectively communicating its sustainability ethos and unique product offerings, leading to increased consumer interest and market share.

By employing customized strategies tailored to the specific needs and goals of each brand, the programs not only enhanced brand visibility but also contributed to significant sales growth and market penetration, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted distribution, sales, and merchandising efforts.