Retail Marketing

New Balance

New Balance sought to elevate its retail marketing efforts, particularly for the national launch of the OMN1S basketball shoe, by creating compelling in-store displays and executing seamless program rollouts across various regions.


Display Production

Coordinated Installation National Roll-out


To design, produce, and implement distinctive retail displays for New Balance, focusing on the OMN1S basketball shoe launch, while ensuring efficient logistics and installation for both national and regional brand campaigns.

Strategy Execution:

Custom Display Design: Developed unique and engaging display designs tailored to highlight the features of the OMN1S basketball shoe, capturing the essence of New Balance's innovation in athletic footwear.

Comprehensive Production Management: Oversaw the entire print production and custom fabrication process, ensuring high-quality materials and finishes that reflect New Balance's brand standards.

Logistics Coordination: Managed the logistics intricately, coordinating the distribution and installation of display materials across national and regional retail locations, ensuring timely and consistent rollout.

Installation Expertise: Executed precise and professional installations of the retail displays, transforming store environments into immersive New Balance brand experiences.

Regional Campaign Adaptation: Adapted marketing strategies for regional rollouts of other New Balance campaigns, customizing displays and materials to meet local market demands and preferences.


The retail marketing initiatives for New Balance, particularly the OMN1S basketball shoe campaign, achieved outstanding results in enhancing brand presence and consumer engagement:

Elevated In-Store Experience: The custom-designed displays for the OMN1S launch and other New Balance campaigns significantly enriched the retail environment, offering customers an immersive brand experience.

Consistent Brand Messaging: Through meticulous production and logistics management, the campaign maintained consistent brand messaging and visual identity across all retail locations, reinforcing New Balance's market positioning.

Increased Product Visibility: The strategic placement and innovative design of the displays increased visibility for the OMN1S basketball shoe and other featured products, driving consumer interest and sales.

Successful Campaign Rollouts: The seamless execution of national and regional rollouts ensured that New Balance's new releases and brand campaigns were effectively introduced to the market, contributing to the brand's overall growth and success.

By leveraging custom retail displays and strategic marketing execution, New Balance's retail marketing efforts, especially for the OMN1S basketball shoe, not only captivated consumers but also solidified the brand's reputation for innovation and quality in athletic footwear.