Launch Party Event

Champagne Charlie 200th Anniversary

The milestone 200th Anniversary of Champagne Charlie was commemorated with an elegant launch party event, an evening that encapsulated the essence of celebration with champagne, gourmet hors d'oeuvres, and captivating live music.


Event planning and execution

Content Creation


To orchestrate a memorable launch party for Champagne Charlie's 200th Anniversary, creating an atmosphere that reflected the brand's storied heritage and luxurious appeal, while seamlessly adapting to unforeseen challenges.

Strategy Execution:

Elegant Event Design: Curated an upscale event ambiance that aligned with Champagne Charlie's prestigious image, ensuring every detail from decor to dining contributed to an immersive celebratory experience.

Gourmet Catering: Partnered with renowned chefs to provide a selection of exquisite hors d'oeuvres, complementing the champagne tasting and enhancing the overall guest experience.

Live Music Ensemble: Arranged for live musical performances to set a vibrant yet sophisticated tone for the evening, engaging attendees and elevating the festive mood.

Adaptive Venue Management: Demonstrated flexibility and quick thinking by transitioning the event from the planned rooftop setting to the interior of Clement restaurant and bar due to last-minute weather concerns, ensuring the event's uninterrupted success.

Celebratory Highlights: Focused on highlighting the 200-year legacy of Champagne Charlie through themed displays, speeches, and champagne toasts, making the historical significance a central element of the evening.


The Champagne Charlie 200th Anniversary launch party achieved remarkable success, marked by several key outcomes:

Unforgettable Celebratory Atmosphere: Created a sophisticated and joyous environment that perfectly captured the spirit of celebration, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Seamless Event Execution: Despite unforeseen weather challenges, the swift venue change to Clement's interior ensured the event proceeded flawlessly, showcasing the team's adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Elevated Brand Image: The event reinforced Champagne Charlie's luxury positioning and rich heritage, strengthening brand affinity among guests and enhancing its prestige in the champagne market.

Anticipation for Future Events: The success and positive reception of the launch party have built anticipation and excitement for future events, setting a high standard for brand celebrations.

Through meticulous planning, elegant execution, and an unwavering focus on celebrating the brand's milestone, the Champagne Charlie 200th Anniversary event not only honored its heritage but also set the stage for continued brand legacy and consumer engagement.