Campaign and Content Creation

John Barr Whisky's "Nuestro Barrio"

John Barr Whisky aimed to connect authentically with the Hispanic community through the "Nuestro Barrio" campaign, blending traditional trade marketing with modern digital strategies to create a resonant brand experience.


To launch a comprehensive campaign for John Barr Whisky that felt genuinely connected to the Hispanic community, utilizing hyper-local activations, engaging videography, and strategic social media outreach to enhance brand presence and affinity.


Influencer Marketing

Video Series Concept & Production

Localized Events & Nationwide POS

Strategy Execution:

Hyper-Local Sampling Programs: Organized targeted sampling events within key Hispanic neighborhoods, ensuring a personalized approach that resonated with the local culture and preferences.

Cocktail Demonstration Videos: Collaborated with neighborhood bartenders to create authentic cocktail demonstration videos, showcasing the versatility of John Barr Whisky and its relevance to the Hispanic community's diverse tastes.

Authentic Brand Messaging: Crafted campaign content that authentically represented the values and traditions of the Hispanic community, ensuring that "Nuestro Barrio" communicated a sincere appreciation and understanding of its target audience.

Social Media Engagement: Leveraged social media platforms to amplify the campaign, using the cocktail demonstration videos and event highlights to engage with a broader audience and drive brand conversation within the digital Hispanic community.


The "Nuestro Barrio" campaign for John Barr Whisky marked significant achievements in brand engagement and community connection:

Enhanced Community Connection: The hyper-local approach and culturally resonant activities successfully fostered a genuine connection with the Hispanic community, enhancing brand perception and relevance.

Increased Brand Visibility: The cocktail demonstration videos and social media content effectively expanded John Barr Whisky's visibility, engaging viewers with relatable and enjoyable content that showcased the brand's appeal.

Authentic Engagement: The campaign's authentic messaging and localized activations resonated deeply within the target markets, leading to increased brand affinity and loyalty among the Hispanic community.

Successful Market Activation: The strategic blend of traditional and digital marketing tactics ensured that "Nuestro Barrio" not only felt authentic on a national level but also activated each target market effectively, driving both brand awareness and product trial.

By integrating hyper-local sampling programs, authentic videography, and strategic social media outreach, the "Nuestro Barrio" campaign successfully introduced John Barr Whisky to the Hispanic community, creating a meaningful brand experience that celebrated cultural connections and shared values.