Campaign and Photoshoot

Barefoot Wines

Barefoot Wines, recognized as the world's largest wine brand, sought to deepen its engagement with the Latino market by crafting culturally resonant point of sale (POS) and digital advertising materials that reflect the community's vibrancy and values.


To develop a targeted marketing campaign for Barefoot Wines that effectively reaches the Latino community, utilizing authentic copywriting, photography, and POS advertising strategies to foster a genuine brand connection.




Point of Sale Advertising

Strategy Execution:

Culturally Relevant Copywriting: Crafted compelling Spanish copy that resonated with the Latina market's preferences and cultural nuances, ensuring the messaging was both authentic and engaging.

Influencer-Driven Photography: Organized a food-centric photoshoot featuring Latina influencers, capturing images that showcase the communal and celebratory aspects of wine in Latina culture, emphasizing the connection between Barefoot Wines and everyday moments of joy.

Tailored POS Advertising: Designed POS materials that incorporated the influencer photography and Spanish copy, creating a visual and verbal narrative that spoke directly to the Latina market's experiences and values.

Digital and Social Integration: Extended the campaign's reach by featuring the influencers and culturally tailored content across Barefoot Wines' social media channels, enhancing digital engagement and brand visibility within the Latina community.


Barefoot Wines' focused campaign to engage the Latino market yielded notable successes in brand communication and community outreach:

Enhanced Market Resonance: The use of Spanish copywriting and culturally relevant imagery in POS and digital advertising significantly improved Barefoot Wines' resonance within the Latino market, making the brand more relatable and appealing.

Influencer Impact: The collaboration with Latina influencers not only lent authenticity to the campaign but also leveraged their follower base for broader brand exposure and engagement, bridging the gap between Barefoot Wines and potential Latina customers.

Increased Brand Affinity: The campaign's emphasis on food, celebration, and community—central elements in Latina culture—strengthened Barefoot Wines' position as a brand that understands and values its diverse consumer base.

Successful Community Engagement: The strategic integration of tailored POS materials and digital content led to increased engagement and positive feedback from the Latina market, highlighting the effectiveness of culturally sensitive marketing approaches.

Through strategic copywriting, authentic photography, and targeted POS advertising, Barefoot Wines successfully enhanced its connection with the Latina market, demonstrating the brand's commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering inclusive community relationships.