Mass Display & Demo Program

Hennessy x NBA

Campaign Overview: 

Hennessy faced the challenge of capturing the attention of both basketball enthusiasts and cognac aficionados during the NBA Playoffs, aiming to enhance brand visibility and consumer engagement within the competitive spirits market.


Mass Display Program Design, Build & Installation

Sampling Program Design, Staffing & Reporting


To develop captivating large-scale displays for Total Wine & More locations that seamlessly integrate the excitement of basketball with the luxury essence of Hennessy, elevating the brand experience during a pivotal sports season.

Execution Strategy:

Creative Display Design: Conceptualized and implemented dynamic displays that fused basketball's vibrant culture with Hennessy's sophisticated brand identity, ensuring each piece resonated with fans and consumers alike.Strategic Placement: Carefully selected over a dozen high-traffic Total Wine & More stores for the installation of these displays, maximizing visibility among the target audience and enhancing in-store brand presence.

Engagement Tactics: Incorporated interactive elements and branding cues within the displays to not only draw in passersby but also to encourage deeper engagement with Hennessy's products, aligning with the excitement of the NBA Playoffs.

Promotional Synergy: Leveraged the timing of the NBA Playoffs to create a thematic connection between the displays and the ongoing basketball season, amplifying the impact of the campaign through timely and relevant consumer touchpoints.


The Hennessy x NBA Mass Display and Demo Program at Total Wine & More locations achieved remarkable success, marked by:

Elevated Brand Presence: The bespoke displays significantly boosted Hennessy's visibility, aligning the brand with the high energy and widespread appeal of the NBA Playoffs.

Increased Consumer Engagement: The strategic integration of basketball culture into the display design captivated the target audience, fostering a stronger connection with the brand and its products.

Reinforced Premium Image: The campaign underscored Hennessy's positioning as a premium lifestyle brand within the context of sports entertainment, resonating with consumers seeking luxury experiences.

Positive Sales Impact: The heightened brand visibility and consumer engagement during the NBA Playoffs contributed to an uptick in Hennessy's sales and brand affinity among Total Wine & More shoppers.

By blending the worlds of sports and luxury spirits through innovative display design and strategic marketing, the Hennessy x NBA campaign at Total Wine & More successfully amplified the brand's presence and appeal during a key sporting season, showcasing the effectiveness of targeted, thematic promotional initiatives.