National Experiential Tour '23

Espolon Tequila




Cocktails Sold




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Espolòn Tequila sought to capitalize on the immense potential for increased brand visibility and case sales by engaging audiences at major music festivals and through their "Fan Zone" partnership with Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami (IMCF).


Experiential Design, Build & Staffing


Partnerships and Sponsorships

Content Capture and Production


  • Event Selection: Targeted 8 key music festivals (including Coachella, Complexcon, SXSW) and 8 IMCF games for activations in 2022, strategically chosen for their high audience engagement and alignment with the brand's target demographic.

  • Design & Engineering: Meticulously designed the activation spaces for efficient travel, rapid installation, and teardown, ensuring a consistent and high-quality brand presence across all events.

  • Staffing & Content: Deployed skilled bartenders and a dedicated content capture team to enhance the on-ground experience and extend the brand reach through digital channels.

  • Expansion in 2023: Increased the tour's scale by introducing additional bars in VIP and Artist lounge areas, broadening the brand's reach and engagement levels at festival venues.

  • Collaboration: Fostered close collaboration with Espolòn's PR and Social Media teams to amplify the experiential impact beyond physical event spaces, creating a cohesive and extended brand narrative.

  • Strategic Growth: For the third year, plans are set to widen the tour's footprint further, diversify the range of activities, increase the number of tour stops, and set higher sales targets, aiming to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem of fan experiences capable of supporting multiple tour locations simultaneously.


The experiential tour not only met but exceeded expectations in terms of brand engagement and product sales, as evidenced by:

  • The sale of 39,397 cocktails, highlighting the brand's popularity and consumer demand.

  • The distribution of 8,400 bucket hats, 5,000 sunglasses, and 1,600 samples, significantly enhancing brand visibility and memorability among festival-goers.

  • Over 450 case depletions, indicating a strong market impact and increased consumer affinity towards Espolòn Tequila.

  • The success of the tour in 2023 has set a solid foundation for further expansion, with plans to create an even larger, more interactive fan experience village, promising greater brand immersion and case sales in the coming years.

Espolòn Tequila's strategic approach to experiential marketing through music festivals and sports partnerships has not only elevated the brand's visibility but also solidified its position in the market, demonstrating the effectiveness of well-executed experiential tours in driving brand growth and consumer engagement.