Retail Domination Program & Field Marketing


D’Ussé set out to significantly enhance its market presence and brand awareness through an ambitious Retail Domination Program, coupling strategic visibility in key retail accounts with dynamic non-traditional out-of-home (OOH) advertising.


Retail Marketing Strategy

Program Planning and Reporting

Point of Sale Advertising Design and Production

Demos and Sampling


To implement a comprehensive field marketing strategy that ensures D’Ussé's standout visibility across selected retail locations, leveraging customized branding solutions that resonate with local markets while maintaining consistency with the brand's core visual identity.

Strategy Execution:

Customized Brand Visibility: Tailored the branding approach for each retail location, ensuring that D’Ussé's presence was both impactful and harmonious with the local environment, enhancing consumer connection without compromising on brand integrity.

Innovative OOH Media: Integrated high-impact, non-traditional OOH media within the campaign, creating engaging brand experiences that captured consumer attention beyond the retail space.

Domination Kits Design: Developed comprehensive domination kits, including branded wraps and a variety of point-of-sale (POS) materials, designed to transform retail spaces into immersive D’Ussé environments.

Nationwide Rollout: Executed the program across 350+ key accounts in strategic markets including California, Georgia, Michigan, and Illinois, ensuring widespread coverage and brand consistency.


The D’Ussé Retail Domination Program achieved remarkable success in enhancing the brand's retail footprint and consumer engagement:

Significant Sales Uplift: Locations that received the full D’Ussé domination treatment reported dramatic sales increases, with figures ranging from a notable 141% to an impressive 616%, underscoring the program's direct impact on consumer purchase behavior.

Enhanced Brand Awareness: The combination of customized in-store branding and innovative OOH advertising significantly raised D’Ussé's brand profile, increasing visibility and consumer recall in the competitive spirits market.

Localized Brand Connection: The tailored approach to each retail location fostered a stronger local connection, making the national campaign feel personal and relevant to diverse consumer bases.

Market Share Growth: The strategic deployment of the Retail Domination Program contributed to a substantial increase in D’Ussé's market share within the targeted regions, reinforcing the brand's position in the industry.

Through the strategic integration of field marketing tactics and customized retail branding, the D’Ussé Retail Domination Program not only amplified the brand's presence in key markets but also significantly boosted sales and market share, demonstrating the effectiveness of a targeted and localized approach to brand visibility and consumer engagement.