Market Blitz Campaign

Don Julio

Don Julio aimed to elevate the profile of its luxury tequila, Don Julio 1942, and position it as the premier gift choice for the 2022 holiday season through an aggressive market blitz strategy.


To launch a comprehensive campaign that would increase visibility and awareness of Don Julio 1942 in off-premise markets, utilizing innovative tactics to captivate potential customers and reinforce the brand's luxury status.


Media Planning and Buying

Strategy Execution:

Innovative OOH Advertising: Implemented a series of non-traditional out-of-home (OOH) advertising efforts, including striking mobile billboards on cars and boats, ensuring high visibility in key markets.

Strategic Market Selection: Carefully selected markets known for their affinity for luxury spirits to target with the campaign, optimizing reach and impact among the intended demographic.

Creative Campaign Tactics: Employed a mix of unconventional promotional tactics to capture attention and intrigue around Don Julio 1942, creating buzz and excitement leading up to the holiday season.

High-Frequency Execution: Rolled out over 40 unique campaign executions within a condensed three-month period, maintaining a constant presence in the market and keeping Don Julio 1942 top of mind among consumers.


Elevated Brand Awareness: The targeted use of non-traditional OOH and mobile advertising significantly boosted Don Julio 1942's visibility, effectively reaching a broad audience across selected markets.

Enhanced Brand Perception: The campaign reinforced Don Julio 1942's position as a luxury tequila, ideal for gifting during the holiday season, thereby elevating its status in the spirits industry.

Increased Consumer Engagement: The innovative advertising tactics and high-frequency executions captured consumer interest, leading to increased engagement and interest in Don Julio 1942 as a holiday gift option.

Market Penetration Success: The strategic market blitz effectively penetrated off-premise markets, generating buzz and awareness around Don Julio 1942, contributing to its positioning as the gift of the 2022 holidays.

Through a dynamic blend of creative advertising and strategic market targeting, the Don Julio 1942 Market Blitz Campaign successfully increased the brand's visibility and solidified its luxury status, demonstrating the power of innovative marketing in driving brand recognition and consumer engagement.