Corporate Experiential Education

Diageo Beer Company

Diageo Beer Company sought to revolutionize the trade's perception of retail's future through an innovative experiential event, marking their first national foray into envisioning the next era of consumer retail experiences.


Experiential Concepting, Design, and Execution

Educational Video Production

Interactive Display Design and Build


To create a cutting-edge, immersive event at the Guinness brewery in Baltimore that would captivate the trade audience with futuristic retail concepts, leveraging advanced technology and interactive elements to offer a glimpse into the potential future of shopping.

Strategy Execution:

Innovative Event Design: Transformed two floors of the Guinness brewery into a dynamic showcase of futuristic retail, featuring a blend of technology, interactivity, and immersive environments.

Advanced Technology Integration: Utilized Oculus VR headsets to provide guided virtual reality shopping experiences, allowing guests to explore and interact with products in a digital space dubbed the "Malt-i-verse".

Immersive Retail Concepts: Introduced an immersive futuristic convenience store setup complete with a self-serve Preparada station, a robotic bartender, and interactive "lift-and-learn" displays that provided product information upon engagement.

Engagement and Interactivity: Enhanced the guest experience with video gondolas, hologram projections, and fully shoppable beverage and snack aisles, offering a hands-on approach to the retail future.

Seamless Operational Flow: Managed the flow of over 800 guests, ensuring the seamless operation of the immersive store, including restocking shelves and simulating automated payment transactions at the event's conclusion.


Diageo Beer Company's "Future of Retail" event set a new benchmark in corporate experiential education, with noteworthy achievements that underscored its success:

Guest Engagement: Successfully hosted 800+ guests, providing them with an unprecedented look at retail's future through hands-on experiences and innovative technology.

Diverse Experiential Zones: Created 5 distinct experiential environments, each offering unique interactive and educational opportunities that highlighted different aspects of futuristic retail.

Virtual Reality Immersion: Operated 35 Oculus VR stations, offering guests immersive journeys through the "Malt-i-verse", enhancing their understanding of virtual shopping possibilities.

Product Showcase: Stocked and showcased 715+ brands of snacks and beverages, demonstrating the vast potential for product variety and presentation in future retail settings.

The "Future of Retail" event by Diageo Beer Company not only provided an educational and engaging experience for trade guests but also boldly reimagined the intersection of technology and retail, offering a visionary glimpse into the future possibilities of consumer engagement and shopping experiences.