Experiential Vehicle Build

Space Coyote

Space Coyote envisioned a novel approach to brand activation with the creation of a custom-built bus, designed to offer a mobile platform for brand education, product sampling, and relaxed social interactions within the legal boundaries of cannabis consumption.


To design and construct a custom experiential vehicle for Space Coyote that serves as a dynamic, mobile space for engaging with consumers, educating them about the brand and its products, and providing a legal setting for sampling and social enjoyment.


Design and Build

Experiential Activation

Strategy Execution:

Custom Vehicle Design: Collaborated with specialists to transform a standard bus into a bespoke Space Coyote brand experience, equipping it with all necessary amenities for brand education, product sampling, and consumer relaxation.

Legal Compliance: Ensured the bus's design and operational plan complied with local cannabis consumption laws, making it a safe and legal environment for brand activations and consumer interactions.

Brand Education Spaces: Integrated interactive and informative brand education zones within the bus, allowing visitors to learn about Space Coyote's products, ethos, and cannabis in general in an immersive setting.

Social and Sampling Areas: Created comfortable and inviting spaces within the bus where consumers of legal age could sample Space Coyote products and engage in social interactions, fostering a community around the brand.


The development of Space Coyote's custom experiential vehicle led to several key successes in brand engagement and consumer outreach:

Innovative Brand Activation: The bus emerged as a standout mobile brand activation tool, attracting attention and interest from consumers eager to engage with Space Coyote in a novel setting.

Enhanced Consumer Education: The on-board brand education zones provided valuable information in an interactive format, enhancing consumer knowledge and appreciation of Space Coyote's offerings.

Legal and Enjoyable Experiences: By adhering to legal guidelines for cannabis consumption, the bus offered a unique and compliant environment for product sampling and social interaction, setting a precedent for responsible brand activations within the industry.

Community Building: The experiential vehicle fostered a sense of community among Space Coyote consumers, creating memorable experiences that strengthened brand loyalty and consumer advocacy.

Space Coyote's custom bus project redefined mobile brand activations, offering a legal, educational, and enjoyable platform for engaging with consumers and introducing them to the brand's products in a setting that promotes social connection and community building.