We’re kind of a lot.

Fundamentally, we market brands so they can sell things, because our scientific analysis (we aren’t scientists) has shown that brands that don’t sell things don’t last very long. And people prefer to buy things from brands they know and like over brands they dislike or don’t know. We do all this via our world-class capabilities in Brand Strategy, Creative, Retail Marketing, Field Marketing, Experiential and Digital Marketing.

We’re full of diverse personalities with strong opinions that might sometimes be at odds with yours or with each other’s.  We’re a weird mix of blue-sky idealism and hard-nosed pragmatism. We like it that way, because we think it leads to the best work. We’ve got a million kinds of crazy under one virtual roof. The end result is earnestly thoughtful work that gets results and makes our clients proud.

A.P. Keaton is an award-winning boutique marketing agency based in Great Neck, NY just outside of Manhattan. We specialize in working with top brands in the adult beverage, cannabis, lifestyle, and CPG industries.