Experiential Activation

Piper Heidsieck - F1 Champagne Garden




2023 Sales




Organic Social Impressions




Visitors Than Projected

Piper Heidsieck, a distinguished champagne brand, aimed to craft an extraordinary experiential activation at Formula One events to captivate consumers and boost brand visibility.

Project Objective:

To conceptualize and implement a Champagne Garden activation that would draw visitors, escalate sals, and positively impact brand perception during Formula One events, with plans to extend this activation to other sports events like the Miami Tennis Open.


Experiential Design & Build

Event Planning and Management

Sales Strategy Development

Our Approach:

Concept Development: Developed the luxurious Piper Heidsieck F1 Champagne Garden concept, a space for attendees to enjoy champagne and engage with the thrilling atmosphere of Formula One races.

Event Planning: Managed all event aspects, from venue selection to creating an inviting Champagne Garden layout that promised a memorable visitor experience.

Brand Integration: Integrated Piper Heidsieck branding cohesively throughout the activation, incorporating custom signage, décor, and branded promotional items.

Sales Strategy: Formulated a revenue-maximizing sales strategy, featuring special promotions, package deals, and upselling opportunities within the Champagne Garden.

Social Media Marketing: Executed an extensive social media campaign to build anticipation and attract visitors, using targeted advertisements, influencer collaborations, and encouraging user-generated content.

Event Execution: Delivered the activation flawlessly—despite nightly thunderstorms—providing top-notch service, curated champagne tastings, and immersive brand experiences that surpassed expectations.

Expansion to Other Events: Capitalized on the success of the F1 Champagne Garden, broadening the activation to include other sports events like the Miami Tennis Open, tailoring the concept to fit each event's unique environment and audience.

Swag Management: Managed the procurement and distribution of branded merchandise, ensuring every attndee left with a memorable keepsake from the event.


The Piper Heidsieck F1 Champagne Garden not only met but exceeded projected outcomes, highlighting the activation's significant impact:

  • Sales Achievement: Generated $175,000 in sales in 2023, marking an 85% increase compared to the previous year.

  • Social Media Impact: Achieved over 225,000 organic social media impressions over the weekend, significantly enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

  • Visitor Engagement: Attracted double the anticipated visitor numbers, making the Champagne Garden the most popular vendor at the event, second only to the stadium itself.

Through strategic foresight, meticulous execution, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences, the Piper Heidsieck F1 Champagne Garden has established itself as a highlight at Formula One events, paving the way for further expansion and continued success.