Flagship Window Display

Hennessy x Kim Jones

Display Overview: 

The Hennessy x Kim Jones collaboration at ANA Hudson Yards merged high fashion with the art of cognac crafting, showcasing a capsule collection that reflected both Hennessy's heritage and Kim Jones's modern design sensibilities.






To create a flagship window display that would captivate passersby at Hudson Yards, effectively highlighting the unique partnership and the exclusive capsule collection items.

Design Strategy:

Collaborative Fusion: Celebrated the first-of-its-kind collaboration between Hennessy and fashion visionary Kim Jones, blending luxury spirits with high-end fashion design.

Collection Showcase: Featured a meticulously designed pair of sneakers and two special edition decanters (Hennessy X.O Masterpiece and Hennessy X.O Limited Edition) as central elements of the display.

Visual Storytelling: Set against Hudson Yards' dynamic backdrop, the display extended across a 50 by 20-foot window, carefully curated to tell the collaboration's story.

Design Highlight: Each installation was crafted to accentuate Kim Jones's modern design aesthetic while paying homage to Hennessy's rich cognac crafting tradition, ensuring a harmonious blend of the two worlds.

Audience Engagement: The strategic design and arrangement of the window displays were tailored to capture the attention of a broad audience, effectively conveying the essence and exclusivity of the Hennessy x Kim Jones collaboration.


The Hennessy x Kim Jones window display at ANA Hudson Yards achieved remarkable success, with outcomes that underscored the effectiveness of the collaboration and display strategy:

Enhanced Brand Visibility: The inventive showcase significantly boosted visibility for both Hennessy and Kim Jones, attracting attention from a wide audience at the bustling Hudson Yards.

Audience Connection: The unique blend of fashion and cognac craftsmanship resonated with viewers, fostering a deeper appreciation for the collaboration's creativity and heritage.

Memorable Experience: The immersive installations offered a compelling narrative that engaged passersby, leaving a lasting impression of the brands' combined legacy and innovation.

Strategic Impact: The strategic placement and design of the display not only highlighted the capsule collection but also reinforced Hennessy's position as a brand synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship.

By masterfully merging the worlds of high fashion and traditional cognac crafting, the Hennessy x Kim Jones flagship window display at ANA Hudson Yards set a new standard for brand collaboration showcases, captivating audiences with its creativity and elegance.